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Tell us about it! © 1994–2016 AT Media. It does not take much to damage a CD. Note: NEVER clean any CD or DVD in a circular motion. The process is very similiar to what Sean Mccarthy discribes only better because it's fool proof. his comment is here

Please check your email.BEST BUY APPLearn more ›My Best Buy ›View Points and CertificatesLearn MoreExclusive OffersSign in or Create AccountCredit Cards ›Make Payment/Check BalanceCredit Card OffersApply NowOrders & Returns ›Order StatusShipping, I would say mine is a much different approach then any of the other's, and most likely the only one that can give you a disc that is completely scratch free This is worthy of a YouTube award. If they worked, great.

How To Fix A Scratched Cd With Toothpaste

and you were ready to wet your pants? The good news is minor scrapes and scratches are easy to repair, especially if you have one of these unusual home remedies at hand. You can change this preference below. Jeanie Guest #15 thanks for the tip!

Thanks for letting us know. But me being used to looking at creepy images like that (I am against abortion and have seen perfectly formed full sized fetuses in pieces) I have also studied aliens and Here's the video. How To Remove Deep Scratches From A Cd While CD repair kits and refinishing machines are commercially available, you can repair the damage on your own with products you already have.

If the disc is an Xbox 360 game, attempt to return it for an exchange. Your CD should be good to play after all this hard work. All you want is a good old fashioned white toothpaste. Do not use the sun!

They worked so well, I was able to reinstall Windows XP without a single file skipped. Cd Scratch Remover Walmart Here's 2 of the best examples of screamers working on people.... Leech, Planet Green Tech | Audio NEXT PAGENEXT Achim Prill/istockphoto DCL In our quest to reuse and restore everyday household items, such as CDs, there have been a number of Yes No Can you tell us more?

How To Remove Scratches From A Cd With Vaseline

I had heard of toothpaste, which was the first remedy I tried. I tried it on a DVD that was unreadable and it remained that way unitl I tried the next method. How To Fix A Scratched Cd With Toothpaste Flag as duplicate Thanks! Cd Scratch Remover Machine CD/DVD only) - Duration: 3:50.

I'm glad I kept all the CDs that I couldn't fix with regular old CD scratch fixer. (I don't think that stsuff has ever worked for me) Thanks for the tips. I focused not on keeping the kids controlled, but on helping them learn self-control. You can buy a disc scratch remover from most game stores. If you decide to try these steps with a DVD, be careful to never wipe a cloth on the side with the title of the DVD. How To Fix A Scratched Xbox 360 Game

Thank you, and I look forward to any feedback. ~N8 Paul Michael #6 I hope it works out for you! It left too many fine scratches that would need a decent polish to work right. As a result, I had kids as young as 9 or 10 creating characters for plays and hooking up computers. If it is not actually cracked, you have a great chance of repairing it, and I have been doing so for several years with 100 percent success rate.

Make sure to store all your discs in cases or on spools, and handle them by the inner ring to avoid damaging the data. #5: The best way to repair discs Cd Refinishing Machine As to the kids, well, I must say I agree with some of the other posters. I had to watch it twice to make sure I wasn't missing something. Results: 2/5 Not quite as good as the toothpaste, but it did help with a few tracks

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Otherwise, you'll just make things even worse. Guest #12 The wax thing works :) Teresa #13 I always use Pledge (or another brand of furniture polish)! la #62 re: Toothpaste video ending That's freakin' AWESOME. How To Fix A Scratched Cd With A Banana There was a few manufacturers who were producing discs using an inferior process and cheap material, many of these discs "rotted" the layers of plastic separated making the discs unusable.

Any vegetable oil will work but only a couple drops or it will spatter itself inside your computer or player. In that case - thanks for the tips! Severely damaged CDs may not be repairable. It will first of all, help fill-in any remaining deep scratches, second, protect the CD from being scratched in the future, and third, help repel any future dust and dirt from