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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Code Description P A ZIP Code used only for PO Boxes. The input record has an address not found in AccuZIP6’s list of addresses for the input record street. For example, ACE assigns E427 when the record has "Elm" or "Elm North," but the directory lists only "Elm East" and "Elm West." David Debtor, 123 N Main Street Apt 4 this contact form

CASS_StatusCode: Deprecated field - please use CASS_Results. CASS Error and Warning Codes This is a complete list of errors and warning codes that could be attached to a record when you validate it. U Unknown Street An exact street name match could not be found and phonetically matching the street name resulted in either no matches or matches to more than one street name. The input record has a +4 code, but the correct +4 code for the address is different.

Cass Return Codes

We also CASS records prior to Geocoding as it improves the accuracy of our geocodes. If the good address was found in the Company field, then the result would be A0, otherwise the result would be the number of the Address field matched. This happens because the urbanization name is used to break ties when a ZIP Code is linked to multiple instances of the same address.

Fields at the end of the record will be lost. Locatable Address Conversion Service (LACS) is a process where some rural route addresses are modified to city-style addresses to allow emergency services (for example, ambulance, police, fire, and so on) to It requires a special license to run. Accuzip Error Codes In order for an address to be considered valid and deliverable by the USPS, the code AS01 must be present without any error (AE**) codes.

Note: Records will not come out of this tool in the order they went in. Cass Error And Warning Codes Not installing the CASS file correctly Solutions: Use the download links (see 'How to download CASS'section below)to run the CASS download and extract the files to a location on your machine A1 Input Address Not Matched to the ZIP + 4 file. A new address could be furnished. 00 No Match - The input record could not be matched to a record in the master file.

The ZIP+4 database is ambiguous, because more than one ZIP+4 database record matches the input address. Accuzip Ncoa Codes These codes are filled into the field called Errno_. F=Firm, S=Street) CASS_CarrierRoute:The Carrier Route is a 4-character string appended to the file. Just specify the file location path to save the CASS Report to.

Cass Error And Warning Codes

CASS Certified products are listed in USPS literature and on its web site. Note: For information regarding Input, Output, Annotation and Error Properties, see Tool Properties. Cass Return Codes If you have a particular question about the CASS process, a returned code, or a bad geocode, I’d be happy to answer them. Dpv Error Codes CASS_SuiteName: Returns the name of the secondary unit of a parsed address, a 4-character maximum string value.

Warning number 14.4: Route changed. If you are unsure who this is please emailSupportand they can connect you to with them. Returns a string value which describes the meaning of the ErrorCode field in greater detail. AE14 Y CMRA Secondary Missing Error Address Matched to a CMRA Address but the secondary (Private mailbox number) is missing. Ncoa Error Codes

E assigned a different county number, CART, and DPBC. Error number 6.2: Multiple addresses match. If the error does not dissapear it may be because some of the extracted files from previous CASS versions haveremained on the machine. http://winnport.com/error-codes/cass-error-and-warning-codes.html The input street is preserved.

However, either the record doesn't include a suffix, or its suffix is invalid (not listed for that street). Accuzip Dpv Codes Error number 7.1: Time ran out. Warning number 14.5: +4 added.

AE12 Y PO, HC, or RR Box Number Invalid Error The input address PO, RR or HC number was invalid.

Code Level D Demo Mode E Expired Database S The address was standardized but not coded. A unit such as an apartment of suite was specified in the input record, and the ZIP+4 database indicates units exist at the address, but there is insufficient detail in the The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. Ncoa Move Type Codes Standardization means that some conversion was done on the address (for example, changing Post Office Box to PO Box or abbreviating street suffixes) V Street number validated to DPV level X

Warning number 14.9: Small town default match. CASS_MSA: Returns the 4-character MSA number associated with the input address. B assigned a different city, ZIP, and ZIP+4. http://winnport.com/error-codes/cass-certification-error-codes.html D assigned a different state, ZIP, and ZIP+4.

Privacy policy About Wikipedia Disclaimers Contact Wikipedia Developers Cookie statement Mobile view ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL: Warning number 11.17: Street Alias Match. David Debtor, 123 Main Street Apt 4, PA 50000 E213 Bad city and no ZIP The record includes something that might be a city name, but no match for it can Examples follow: Address Property was not verifiable, therefore the Address2 Property was verified and the address properties were swapped.

Alternate carriers such as UPS and Fed Ex do not deliver to this address. CASS_CityAbbreviation: The City Abbreviation field is a 13 character string value. CASS_PreDirection: Returns the geographic directional (2-character maximum) that precedes the street name. For example, when the input is "Elm" or "Elm Road," but the directory lists only "Elm Street" and "Elm Avenue," ACE assigns E423.

Also occurs when an alternate street name is used in place of an alias. CASS_LACS: Returns a one-character string which indicates if the input address has undergone a LACS conversion. Click Apply to have the configurations accepted. Below are some of the questions that have come up in response to these codes: AS22 – No Suggestions: Does “no alternatives” mean it is a good (DPV- Delivery Point

A Result code for a coded address record might look something like this: “AC03, AC11, AS01, AS15.” Instead of looking at multiple fields to determine the status or error of a The input record had a street name that was also the suffix. CASS has expired. The input record city is not correct, but was matched to a phonetic equivalent city name by AccuZIP6.

CASS_PrivateMailboxName: Returns the private mailbox name portion of a parsed address CASS_PrivateMailboxNumber: Returns the private mailbox number portion of a parsed address. The alphabetic letter indicates the type of delivery associated with the address.