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Cass Error And Warning Codes


CASS_ZIPType: Returns a string value representing the ZIP Code type associated with the submitted address. CASS Error Code Summary Error Code Cass Description Summary Sample E101 Last line is bad or missing There was no City, State and Zip input to standardize. W Early Warning System This address has been identified in the Early Warning System (EWS) data file, and should be included in the next national database update. To choose, Puerto Rican urbanization is needed. this contact form

RR Input Address Matched to CMRA R1 Input Address Matched to CMRA but Secondary Number not Present. CASS_State: Returns the two-letter state abbreviation associated with the input address. ZIP Code or the six-character Canadian Postal Code associated with the input address. CASS_AddressRange: Parses out the House number to its own field.

Cass Error Codes

AE06 Y Early Warning System Error This address has been identified in the Early Warning System (EWS) data file and should be included in the next postal database update. The number after the A indicates which Address field contained the good address. CASS_Results: Returns a code that indicates Status and Error codes for an address. AS17 Alternate delivery Address does not receive mail at this time.

No data will be present in this field if the CASS_Results field is AS03 (Non-USPS address). See the Canadian SOA page for more information regarding the contents of this report.Options: Force results to CAPS, when checked will return all field values in all CAPS. Posted by Bob Schimek on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 - 15:48 Full Service invoicing is scheduled to begin on November 11, 2016. Accuzip Error Codes Warning number 15.6: LACSLink Conversion Match.

Please try the request again. Input: Address = 123 Main St Apt 10 (could not be verified) Address2 = PO Box 223 (could be verified) Output: Address = PO Box 223 Address2 = 123 Main St It is best to use the US Geocoder to determine the county an address falls in (Census ID). The USPS has a list of acceptable pre-qualifiers listed here.

A street name like MAIN STREET was standardized to MAIN ST. Accuzip Ncoa Codes The county name is associated with the CountyFips Property and it is accurate to the 9-digit ZIP+4 level. Here’s an overview of what has been proposed. It also appends valuable address-specific information to the data.

Cass Return Codes

AE16 Expired Database The database has expired. AE12 Y PO, HC, or RR Box Number Invalid Error The input address PO, RR or HC number was invalid. Cass Error Codes Warning number 14.6: Route Added. Dpv Error Codes Error number 4.1: Address not found.

AE09 Suite Range Missing Error The input street address was found but a required suite number is missing. weblink The input address matched to a high-rise record in the USPS database and the unit number matched exactly to one found in the USPS database. AS02 Street Address Match Address street matched to USPS database but a suite was missing or invalid. A CASS Result Code of AS01 or AS02 indicates a good record for the purpose of standardization, matching, and geocoding. Ncoa Error Codes

Please try the request again. AE13 Y PO, HC, or RR Box Number Missing Error The input address is missing a PO, RR, or HC Box number. Typical suffix values include "ST", "RD", "AVE", "BLVD", "CIR" and "PL". http://winnport.com/error-codes/cass-certification-error-codes.html A value of "W" means that this address was found in the USPS Early Warning System (EWS).

David Debtor, 123 Main Street Apt 4, 456 Anywhere Rd, NewTown PA 19403 E431 Urbanization needed, input is wrong or missing The ZIP4 directory contains two or more address lines that Accuzip Dpv Codes Warning number 11.17: Street Alias Match. A new address could not be furnished. 14 Found LACS Record - New Address Would Not Convert at Run Time - The input record matched to a record in the master

A street name like MAIN ST NORTH was standardized to MAIN ST N.

An output record (the length of all fields and field delimiters) exceeds 2000 characters. CASS_Suffix: Returns the suffix, a 4-character maximum string, portion of the address record. T Component Error Either the directionals or the suffix field did not match the post office database, and there was more than one choice for correcting the address. Usps Error Codes The input record address contained words AccuZIP6 could not match to the ZIP+4 database.

The value passed to the SetAddress function will be returned by the GetAddress2 function. CASS Report: The user can choose to generate a CASS report of the analysis. For example, 100 Road Street would have the wrong suffix, and in that case, the address matching engine is not allowed to add the correct suffix. his comment is here CASS Error and Warning Codes This is a complete list of errors and warning codes that could be attached to a record when you validate it.

X Undeliverable Address The physical location exists but there are no homes on this street. Warning number 10.2: City determined from ZIP. This warning indicates that at least one component of the input address was changed, deleted, or added. AE07 Missing Minimum Address Input Error Minimum required input of address/city/state or address/zip not found.

David Debtor, 123 N Main Apt 4, PATown PA 19403 E425 Suffix & directional needed, input wrong or missing The ZIP4 directory indicates that both a suffix and a directional are CASS_TimeZoneCode: Returns a one or two-digit code representing the time zone associated with the input address. Codes are described in detail below: Status Result Codes Code US Only Meaning Details AS01 Address Matched to Postal Database Street Address is valid and deliverable. It requires a special license to run.

Warning number 14.8: Unique ZIP match. For example, when the input is "Elm" or "Elm Road," but the directory lists only "Elm Street" and "Elm Avenue," ACE assigns E423. It can contain either a suite or a different, secondary address such as a PO Box If the CASS utility detects a common suite name such as #, APT, STE, and E501 Foreign   The address is not within the domestic United States, territories, or possessions.

The input record has a carrier route number, but the correct carrier route number for the address is different. CASS_PostalCode: Returns the 6-character string value, Postal Code associated with the Canadian input address. Main Street has houses from 100-199.   David Debtor, 123 Main Street, PATown PA 19403.  DPV determines there is no 123 on Main Street, although there is a 122 and 124. â—„Show CMRAs are private businesses that provide a mailing address and "post office" box for their customers.

Warning number 10.1: City phonetic match used. AE17 Suite Range Extraneous Error A suite number was entered but no suite information found for primary address. The input record had a street name that was also the suffix.