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Cd Audio Error No Cd In Drive


After a few tests with Dell support the problem was determined to be the hardware. DVD drive doesn't recognize music CDs anymore Hardware or software? Report kangaroo- Oct 21, 2008 10:16AM Hi Did you get your problem sorted, because I have the same problem with vista Helpful +6 Report urbaneve Oct 22, 2008 11:22AM well -- Sounds like a Windows problem... --Submitted by fjord_foxhttp://forums.cnet.com/5208-7591_102-0.html?messageID=3036769&tag=forums06;posts#3036769 Most likely a software problem --Submitted by alswillinghttp://forums.cnet.com/5208-7591_102-0.html?messageID=3037082&tag=forums06;posts#3037082 DVD drive not recognize cds anymore --Submitted by w8vlnhttp://forums.cnet.com/5208-7591_102-0.html?messageID=3036125#3036125 Could be Sony rootkit? --Submitted by navigate here

After that your driver should be working fine, I was able to run Sims 2 afterwards perfectly. If conflicts exist, it could be an indication of a resource conflict that may be causing issues. DO NOT EMAIL ME TO ASK WHERE TO DOWNLOAD STUFF FROM kind regards Martin J Helpful +4 Report th3fro6 Feb 9, 2009 03:07PM After 3 full days of intensive search on My Cd-rom/DVD drive won't recognize the disc - says "No Media".

Dvd Drive Doesn't Recognize Disk

About a month ago this became more problematic, and now it will not even recognize a music CD (regardless of the program I choose to play it on: Real Player, Windows It is every bit as powerful as EAC's, and a bit more intuitive in operation, but I'll still probably end up tweaking them a bit with MP3TS. I tried the above again and this time it transfered my pictures to the disc without a problem as it always use to.

Not a PoweISO issue. 2. BTW, the ones for CDROM are the same as the ones for DVD. can u pls help me to solve this problem. Dvd Drive Wont Read Discs Windows 8 Click the + sign by the CD/DVD drives and right click the drive.

Do not let them make bullet proof vests for law makers, we would lose too many! Dvd Drive Wont Read Discs Windows 7 I like pioneer drives usually. it turns out that it is a hardware issue. If you still have trouble importing songs, visit the iTunes Support website.

Import songs from CDs into your iTunes library Insert an audio CD into your computer’s CD or DVD drive, or an external drive that’s connected to your computer.If you don’t see Dvd Drive Wont Read Discs Windows 10 but I guess they go away after the 21 day trial period is over, don't they? If you have more than one drive, it may have the wrong drive selected there. Trying to install Microsoft FSX (Deluxe) again because I just did a format.

Dvd Drive Wont Read Discs Windows 7

DVD drive doesn't recognize music CDs anymore Do you have digital playback enabled for your DVD burner? I then select the pictures I wish to transfer and then drag them over to the E drive window onto the blank disc. Dvd Drive Doesn't Recognize Disk If no disc is inserted in the drive, try inserting a writable disc. Cd Drive Not Reading Disc I put a blank disk in and nothing happens.

tis gonna run me around 100.00. check over here For more information, see If you don’t see song information. Report kanak- May 15, 2009 05:51AM sir, my laptop is compac presario V6000,i am having problem with my DVD rom, it does not read or play DVD. My take: DVD drive (hardware) is rarely a problem. "It's the software, stupid!" It took 4 full productive days of my life to work-around this problem. Computer Doesn't Recognize Cd Drive Windows 10

If I rebooted the computer. If the computer or a computer component goes into power saving mode during the recording process, it can cause issues. As mentioned AccurateRip helps enormously with secure ripping, a CD rip is compared to an independently ripped disc (different drive, different CD - no 2 discs would have the same scratch).

his comment is here iTunes starts importing the CD.

Please try again or go back to the previous screen."There IS an audio CD in the drive. Cd Drive Not Recognizing Disc Windows 10 Then look to see which tracks failed against AccurateRip and manually select those for a secure mode rip.It isn't free like EAC, but I do believe it is better value. Report NANDA- Nov 29, 2009 02:24AM i want to play dvd games in my pc but when ever I insert the disc computer showing insert disc.

Once you are in the registry editor, you can navigate through the registry as you would for a regular windows directory.

Secure ripping has progressed leaps and bounds over the years since the introduction of AccurateRip, previously secure ripping programs relied upon C2 error pointers or by reading the same area twice This is true mostly but not always, consistent errors exist and in our opinion present more of a problem to secure ripping than the C2 error pointer detection 'hole'. Being a member gives you additional options. Dvd Drive Fixer I'm using a Lenovo ThinkPad X61 with drive in the Ultrabase.

Worst Drive I have ever had. It was the software! If you have more than one CD or DVD drive, try using iTunes with each drive. weblink Matter of fact, when you check your power connection, take a look at the inside of the case.

Cleaning the drive, or simply re-inserting the disc helped at first, but it continually got worse, until the Lite-On drive would only play brand new CD's.Currently it won't play new discs PS: some were asking "Why not restore using Restore Points?" Well, somehow Vista resets/deletes/ignores/forgets its functionality. clean upper and lower registry entrys. Click the “When you insert a CD” pop-up menu and choose an option: Import CDs: iTunes automatically imports the CD.

nothing..insert correct disk etc etc. Quick Links: Empeg FAQ | Software | RioCar.Org | Hijack | jEmplode | emphatic Repairs: Repairs | Addons: Eutronix | Cases You are not logged in. [Log In] empegbbs.com » Forums I have the full Nero suite installed, and it is possible (but I don't think so) that it was installed sometime after the last time I used EAC. Medium reading data from medium / Sense key: 3, ASC 2, ASCQ 0 Possibly there are burning programs installed which conflict with CDBurnerXP.

For some reason, EAC's turn-off-autorun option didn't work. Nothing happens. Click the Hardware tab. 3. Insert an audio CD into your computer’s CD or DVD drive (or an external drive that’s connected to your computer), and click No in the window that appears.

Report Adam- Oct 18, 2012 08:10AM Worked on Windows 7 too, thanks mate!